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High waist section of the slits wrapped around the skirt, the same applies to the petite but want to create a 2 m 3 gas field of the sister paper. While the simple black and white to better highlight the overall proportion, even if wearing canvas shoes can still hold up!

Since it is a music festival, how can we get a little cowboy mini skirt and hippie elements? Now cowboy single product to “break” as a popular point, and for playing a smaller length of the cowboy mini skirt, you can under the pendulum under the mind, DIY DIY about the effect of spinning and flash, make the skirt more taste Oh.

The best fit is to emphasize the overall sense of lust or lazy want to match the sister paper, and like the following side of the hollowed out of the style do not have some style! If you do not have the courage to “leak the hemisphere”, in which take a little bright color of the brush is also a good choice Oh

Not only is the music festival, our daily life, we are always a cowboy single product. High waist straight set + black triangle corset set, suitable for the pursuit of cool and fearless challenges of women.

Once the “next coat missing” but also resurgence it! Rihanna, Kim Xiaomei, Kaidashan and others are super love T-shirt skirt + knee boots with you can try Oh, but of course we still have to add a hot pants inside the backing.

Do not look at people Baoshen petite, but the capacity is also quite abundant,

In addition to the “Bonsai” package, in fact Simon miller home another called “Birch” handbag is also very artistic, ancient but strange but really lovable!

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Royal brand new out of my Delvaux!

The world’s oldest luxury leather goods brand, each leather goods by the leather craft master hand-made, participated in the Expo, or royal Queen brand, the above keywords let you think of which brand? Yes, I want to say is the famous Belgian luxury leather brand Delvaux. During the Paris Fashion Week, YOKA’s editors went to the “pilgrimage” mood, came to the brand in Paris Showroom, to explore the latest launch of the 2017/2018 autumn and winter series, also met the new goddess Wang Gou, together to see What’s the latest news?

This season, Delvaux new handbag to the spirit of the knight and the main line of victory, Delvaux this time for the classic Le Brillant, Le Tempete and Le Madame added a new element. With metal texture of the senior leather, handbag for the armor, and with shiny metal and rare python skin, fox fur as a decoration, filling wild luxury. The new release of the handbag Cool Box is the classic “D” shaped metal ring as a decoration, open the way is also very creative, even the new goddess Wang Gou are attracted by these bags, really charm unlimited.

Many fashion people are its fans, for example, Olivia Palermo many times with a different style of Delvaux out of the street, see more than one to buy. IT Girl Miss Chung also appeared with Le Madame, bag and Miss Chung’s own temperament is very consistent. While the earlier icon level character Jacqueline Kennedy is also a fan of Delvaux.

Then you may be surprised, so even the names have not heard of the brand, why take so many goddess heart? Of course, because of a long history of the brand accumulated the classic design and rich connotation it! Not only the goddess of many, even the royal family have been fascinated by the charm of Delvaux it!

We all know a lot of European luxury brands, there are hundreds of years of history, such as Burberry was founded in 1856, Louis Vuttion was founded in 1854, Hermes was founded in 1837, but they are too young in front of Delvaux, because Delvaux founded In 1829, to know that the Belgian independence as a constitutional monarchy is 1830, Delvaux, but older than its motherland, in the luxury leather goods brand is a real “Big Brother.”

Delvaux was founded by Charles Delvaux in 1829 in the Belgian capital of Brussels. From 1835 to 1875, Belgium had the world’s most developed railroad network, and the visionary Charles Delvaux understood the impact of this technological change. In 1880, To realize the new needs of women – travel need to carry personal items, and created a series of handbags. To the 1908 brand for its handbag patent, and therefore became the earliest one of the handbag patent holders.

In 1933, Franz Schwennicke took over Delvaux, conforming to the trend of ultra-luxury handbag demand growth, the leather goods family into a senior luxury brand. He also refers to the advanced custom fashion mode of operation, the first time in the luxury leather industry to introduce the concept of the season.

Under the leadership of his wife and his wife, Solange, Delvaux created a number of handed down, the most famous handbag was originally designed for the Brussels Expo in 1958, “Le Brillant”, this handbag has a classic brand “D” , The image of the ambassador is the former US President Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, she also shot for the handbag, really “powerful, my Brillant”! Delvaux has also launched a limited Le Brillant handbag, printed with exaggerated text above, meaning “I am not just a Delvaux”, in order to see the brand’s own self-confidence.

Delvaux has always insisted on luxury materials and high standards of handmade skills, all leather goods in Belgium or France, which are all hand-made, each handbag will be accompanied by a small card that indicates the name of its producer.

So excellent brand of course will attract the favor of a group of experts, one of the most prominent customers on the Belgian royal family. The Belgian king Leopold II awarded Delvaux “Belgian royal warrants holder” in 1883, and Delvaux became the supplier of royal royalties in the Kingdom of Belgium.

In 1959 Delvaux designed the Mon Grand Bonheur handbag for the Belgian Queen Paula, as a wedding gift with King Albert II. In the 1980s, the Queen Paula also accompanied Solange Schwennicke to visit Delvaux’s studio, enough to see the Belgian royal family and Delvaux intimate relationship.

Brand so brilliant history, how can not record it? Since 1938, Delvaux has more than 3,000 handbags designed in detail in the Le Livre d’Or, has now become a set of exquisite product catalog, carrying the brand culture and history.

This catalog is still updated, and this time Delvaux 2017/2018 autumn and winter series will become one of the latest chapter, with modern, low-key style for this veteran into the new vitality, a brand culture a perfect interpretation.

Michael Kors Launches Young China Interactive Image Show

The advent of the digital age, for the luxury brand new challenge. MICHAEL KORS by virtue of keen intuition and super creative, leading walking in the wave of the top. MICHAEL KORS has launched an endless stream of online activities on a variety of social platforms, while at the same time, online activities and shop furnishings, also skilled use of digital multimedia means to create the ultimate modern aesthetic and interactive experience. November 2015, MICHEAL KORS in the Chinese capital Beijing Huamao Center’s new flagship store – Asia’s largest boutique, held a grand opening ceremony, when the shop design and decoration will be everywhere highlight the concept of digital; Presented at China’s 798 Pace Gallery, Young China Interactive Image Show, featuring all of China’s younger generation of fashion leaders and Jet Set lifestyle.

MICHAEL KORS Beijing Huamao Center flagship store is located in Huayou business district, is the brand in Asia’s largest boutique shop. The store opened a number of design elements starting from the Shanghai flagship store, the store’s three-storey exterior dazzling, inspired by Michael Kors himself on the metal elements and texture of the iconic use. The facade is made by the MICHAEL KORS interior design team, which is made up of numerous unique light-emitting screens with reflective surfaces. The crisscrossed surface of the grille also has built-in Smart light. Flagship store interior design in the brand of exquisite and luxurious aesthetic ideas, showing a modern noble shopping atmosphere, supplemented by clean, neutral colors, and jointly create a unique and pleasant customer experience. MICAOEL KORS brand global CEO John Idol said: “Beijing Huamao’s new luxury flagship store is MICHAEL KORS Asia’s largest boutiques. Stores have opened, reflecting the Chinese market for the overall development of the importance of the brand. Is the perfect place for our Asian customers to understand and experience the MICHAEL KORS brand and our favorite Jet Set luxury lifestyle, which is the perfect place for our Asian customers to build their unique storefront design and promote the brand’s iconic luxury shopping experience. ”

Young China new interactive video exhibition, it is the brand and VOGUE China and the world’s leading fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski together to create the image feast. China’s high-speed development and great potential to attract the attention of the world, the younger generation of passion, dreams, desire, are Mr. Michael Kors feel excited. Brand carefully selected China’s six spotlight under the young female star – Yang Mi, Zhang Liangying, Xu Lu, Di Li Chepa, Ma Si-chun and Jiang Shuying, through traditional imaging technology to capture their different beauty, and then in a comprehensive interactive form , The release of China’s future fashion leader of the huge energy. MICHAEL KORS advocated the Jet Set lifestyle, flowing between the light and shadow – from the Hudson River to the Great Wall of China, in the busy city between the shuttle, but also keep modern, confident, shining. Visitors to the exhibition, not only can indulge in fast-paced, gorgeous and beautiful visual experience, but also from the heart filled with the future to meet the passion. The exhibition will be held on November 18, 2015 at the Pez Gallery in Beijing and will be open to the public free from 19 to 22 days.

Cheap Michael Kors Com can fire how long?

Since two years ago to replace the new creative director and chief executive officer, Gucci in recent years, if the new life, 2016 is to dominate the luxury goods industry, becoming the most outstanding luxury brand, the fourth quarter sales recorded more than 20 %growth of.

Alessandro Michele Gucci what time can fire how long? In the Gucci 2017 autumn and winter first men and women together fashion show on the 22nd in Milan before the start of the show, Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri accepted the US “Women’s Daily” interview, the brand’s strategic changes over the past two years were discussed.

Marco Bizzarri reviewed Gucci since the two years to take over, Gucci can be described as a qualitative leap in one fell swoop to become the most favored by the Millennium generation of luxury brands, and become the parent company Kaiyun Group, the main driving force.

For such a result, Marco Bizzarri said that both the product design, packaging, store display or digital marketing success of the change, are inseparable from his promotion of creative director Alessandro Michele tacit cooperation.

So, in order to better support Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s new headquarters in Milan has been given to Alessandro Michele free creation, but also as his personal exhibition hall. At the same time, Gucci is in Florence, Italy Scandicci building a footwear and leather goods factory, is expected to put into use by the end of 2017.

Marco Bizzarri explained that compared to the past, now Gucci is more focused on the production of small but more refined products, especially footwear and leather goods category. Last year, leather goods sales accounted for 55% of total sales, footwear sales accounted for 17%, is the brand’s main source of income.

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Under Armor’s status quo.

After five years of insanity, Under Armor is going through a worst half year, of course, this “most” is relative to the performance of the company before, and in the future, perhaps only “more” bad.

In the second quarter ended June 30, Under Armor Inc.’s profit from $ 13.76 million in the same period last year dropped to $ 3.644 million. Adjusted diluted earnings per share of $ 0.04, in line with Bloomberg consensus expectations, is also better than Reuters expected $ 0.01.

The overall income of 1 billion US dollars, although also reached the market expectations, but there are worries. Not only 27.7% revenue growth than the first quarter of 30.2% slowdown, the largest category of clothing business growth is more than seven years since the first time below 20%, revenue only 18.9% to $ 612.8 million, accounting for 61.2% , Training clothes and women’s golf dress the most hot. At the same time in the Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry Stephen Curry star effect of the growth of very strong footwear business also continued to slow down, 242.7 million US dollars sales rose 58.0% over the same period last year, and the fourth quarter of last year and this year The first quarter rose to 94.5% and 64.2% respectively. Driven by bags and headwear, accessories business by 21.3% to 1007 million US dollars.

In fact, Under Armor Inc. Andrea still has industry-leading sales growth rate, and often have exceeded market expectations. This is the case in the down of the Michael Kors who also repeated, “more than expected” on the one hand the company before the high growth inertia, on the other hand, Wall Street is still “holding” short-term confidence, so appropriate to lower expectations, And this “down” is also conducive to investment bank in the retail before Michael Kors or Under Armor Inc. Andaman funds fled.

And investors on the Michael Kors gross margin, brand value concerns, investors on the Under Armor Inc. Andaman sports apparel industry share, brand value is also deeply concerned about.

Similarly, worries become reality.

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Now has a set of walking expression package, minutes can be changed to red, but sometimes it is not, easy to make people ignorant B. Such as this Fendi Faces series of expression package, there is no let you have “I am good” feeling, silly blankly Leng Leng, holding it out of the street feel good price. It is inspired by emoji expression package, each package has a different expression full of magic.

Once upon a time Fendi Peekaboo small monster series that evil eye more lethal ah, the feeling was instantly by electricity and then it surrendered, but this just exposed the Fendi Faces 2016-17 autumn and winter men’s series of emotional package, but Low lost a Big cut, the main foolish expression of these foolish look is not so advanced.

It is inspired by the emoji expression package, through the minimalist Liu nail and metal decoration combination or happy or angry, or panic or sluggish, showing a group of magic expression pack.

T Taiwan catwalk when the models are trying to cool, and the bag is a look of ignorant state B, feeling the style really do not take a little In addition to the hairy material, there are leather models. If you have a poker face without too much expression, the package posted on the face of a second change than the funny.

In short, radish cabbage have their own love, you are not rare, maybe others to it as a treasure, and Fendi Faces series prices are not low, about 10,000 +, so do not easily dislike it. This MERINO Sheepskin Totem is decorated with blue, black and brown checkered patterns with large storage space.

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There are personality and fashionable, fashion circles called it “lunch bag”.

Michael kors handbags cheap outlet from the Spanish designer brand Lautem, shape square is so we are kindly called “lunch”. There are two main reasons for the fire, one is Founder of the package with a simple metal rod, designer Elina architectural design experience into which not only become a symbol of the brand more to meet the current frigid design boom; Was born in leather goods in Spain, Lautem bags are all handmade, cork selection fine fine, brand name is derived from the Latin “excellent”, we can see the quality of the bag pay attention.

His family’s lunch bag is not only one, one of the most fire is the above three of these. Suddenly look may be a bit ignorant, looks too much like! But the details of the Department or will have their own characteristics.

IGot Rhythm

The most representative is the I Got Rhythm series. Mini size is now very popular size, angular and modern sense of super. The most interesting is the metal frame design, you can slide freely, both the decoration and the handle. Color super, and now the official online sales there are seven colors, and will continue to launch new colors, often there will be a lot of senior cold color. Beyoncé sister Solange Knowles is his family powder, a luxurious fur with minimalist I Got Rhythm, very easy to take a sense of proportion Oh! Take in the hands of the rate of return is absolutely soaring. With it is also very easy. Bag in addition to a metal frame can be used as a handle, it also has a long shoulder strap, a package of dual-use no problem.

My Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine series size is just the size, so sucking countless. ↑ is a positive effect, ↓ is the back effect, the overall sense of the line is not so tough but it seems a bit gentle, metal frame into a metal rod, and is not symmetrical. This type of package is more suitable for office lady, work with temperament and Western style, get off work directly to go shopping there is no lack of personality. Wine red and deep blue are favorable rate and high rate of appearance of the two colors.

Sweet Lovely Valentine

This series of bags of many people think that is to the office workers to prepare, in fact, right, but compared to My Funny Valentine series, the former is designed for the arts Fan children, which is designed for the strong gas field Lady. Whether it is the size, color or lines, michael kors hamilton medium are seemingly stable and have the background, specifically the iconic metal rods to leather design, more prominent bag itself. Especially brown and khaki full of women mature temperament, the bag is still equipped with a long shoulder strap.